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London is one of the top prime destinations for tourists and vacationers going to Europe. Aside from the famous spots and destinations, the city also offers the best food and the best restaurants that will definitely satisfy your cravings for nourishment. From affordable Chinese and Indian cuisine to the cheapest but delicious foods for vegetarians and vegans, the city has it all. Below is your guide to the best restaurants that can be found in this beautiful city.

Best Cheap Places to Eat in London

If you are looking for the cheapest places to eat in London, these places are highly recommended for you:

  • For only €5, you can enjoy a bowl of homemade pasta at Padella.
  • Flat Iron offers the most reasonable price of a steak and a salad for only €10.
  • If you like pizza just like Michaelangelo and the rest of the ninja turtles, Santa Maria Pizzeria, which is located in Central Fitzrovia, serves the best Napoli-style pizza in this side of the city.
  • Looking for the cheapest French food in London? Go to Brasserie Zedel, a place which is also famous for its glamorous and elegant surroundings.
  • If you are into burgers, Patty and Bun is definitely the place to be when you are in London.
  • Breddos Tacos serves the most delicious and affordable pork belly tacos in the city.

For Asian cuisine, the following restaurants offer the cheapest and most delicious Asian foods in London:

  • Silk Road, which is located in Camberwell, cooks the best and most affordable northern Chinese cuisine in the city.
  • You can also try delicious Taiwanese buns that come with delectable toppings at Bao.
  • Looking for the most delicious family-style Sri Lankan foods? Hoppers Soho is highly recommended for you.

London Restaurants for Small Plates

For restaurants that specialize on small plates, the list below is highly recommended once you are in the city.

  • The Western Laundry offers the best menu for seafood dishes.
  • The Counter Culture has a must-try 12-seater bar that specializes on small plates with the biggest flavour.
  • You can fall in line at Barrafina’s counter to feast your heart out to the most delicious tapa in the city.
  • The incredible steak tartare found at Magpie is definitely a perfect choice to eat after spending your time shopping at Oxford Street.
  • If you are looking for the most delicious modern European dishes, Primeur, located in Stoke Newington, is the go-to destination.
  • The Ninth located in Fitzrovia serves the tastiest Mediterranean foods in the city.
  • Looking for the best Peruvian and Italian dishes? Monmouth Kitchen is highly recommended for you.
  • Blanchette is a relaxing restaurant that specializes in special plates of French cuisine.

Best London Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants

If you are into the vegan and vegetarian lifestyle, then these restaurants in London are a must-visit:

  • In Hoxton Square, The Frog offers various creative dishes that are paired with wine on their vegan menu.
  • If you want to eat your heart out to the most delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes from all over the world, then Mildreds is a must-visit.
  • The Temple of Seitain is the city’s most popular vegan fried chicken joint.
  • Rasa N16, a restaurant famous for its glorious pink room, serves the best sizzling Indian curries.
  • Vanilla Black is a restaurant in a smart setting that specializes in inventive and creative vegetarian cooking.
  • Located in Spitalfields, Genesis is a restaurant that cooks the best vegan food that even non-vegan foodies will definitely like.
  • The Gate of Islengton is a perfect restaurant to visit to eat a vegetarian meal before enjoying different shows at the nearby Sadler’s Wells.
  • Mooshies, located in Bricklane, specializes on the all-time favourite vegan burgers.

Fun Restaurants in London with Creative Dishes

  • Rochelle Canteen, a place that is located in a school’s old bike shed, serves the best wholesome food in London.
  • Pidgin’s menu specializes in food that has unusual flavour combinations such as buttermilk mouse and cornflakes with pepper.
  • Go to Bob Bob Richard and push that “press the champagne” button.
  • 108 Garage, a restaurant that used to be a garage, serves the most exciting British-Asian Fusion food in the city.

Best Spots for Brunch in London

  • If you want to have a relaxing and bottomless brunch, check out Bourne and Hollinsworth Buildings which is famous for its elegant botanical spaces.
  • The Good Egg serves the best Jerusalem breakfast and Jewish-inspired brunch feast in the city of London.
  • Looking to eat the most delicious duck and waffle dish in front of a spectacular view? the Duck and Waffle is a must-visit.
  • In Balham, Foxlow serves the tastiest and the best quality sausage and bacon in the city.
  • Balthazar, a grand brassiere located near the Covent garden, serves the tastiest egg-related brunch dishes in this side of the city.

  • You can definitely invite your family and friends to share the delicious wood-smoked meet in the city at Pitt Cue.
  • Temper will let you watch the meat as it is being roasted in an open grill and then eat it once cooked.
  • The Black Axe Mangal will let you feast the tastiest Turkish-inspired kebabs while listening and head-banging to the best rock music played inside their restaurant.
  • The Smoking Goat, a restaurant inspired by the night food stalls in Bangkok, serves the most delicious Thai food cooked over charcoal.

London Wine Bars and Fantastic Foods

  • The Noble Rot lets you devour the best British cuisines being partnered by the best and most excellent wine.
  • The 10 Cases is your perfect choice in finding your latest favourite wine while matching it with the best seasonal foods available.
  • Are you looking for a perfect place with the best ambience to hang out late at night? The Laughing Heart is the place for you.
  • In Brixton, Naughty Piglets serves the tastiest natural wines and popular foods being cooked by a charcoal grill.

Best British Restaurants

  • If you are looking for British Cuisine with a Spanish flavour, Kitty Fisher is the best in the city.
  • Quo Vadis is popular with its British comfort foods which include pie and mash.
  • Lyle is located in Shoreditch and offers a special set menu that features seasonal British ingredients.
  • Berners Tavern serves the best and tastiest British seafood dishes and Scottish steaks in the city of London.
  • If you are looking for a grand brassiere that cooks the tastiest meats, then the Holborn Dining Room is the perfect place for you.

Luxury Dining in London

  • If you are looking for an extremely elegant Japanese cuisine regardless of the price, then you must head to Roka Charlotte Street in downtown London.
  • Gauthier Soho offers the best intimate dining room experience in a Regency townhouse setting.
  • Chef Monica Galette’s Mere is popular for its high-end French cuisine influenced by the South Pacific area.
  • Min Jiang, which is located at the Royal Garden Hotel, combines amazing views and the most exquisite fine Chinese cuisine you can find.
  • In Tower Hill, La Dame de Pic offers one of the best French fine dinings in the city of London.

Top Restaurants in London for Seasonal Produce

  • At Clipstone, you can find plenty of foods cooked with British ingredients and has global influences.
  • Oldroyd is a tiny restaurant in the city that offers food made with the best seasonal ingredients.
  • At Franklins, you will have a chance to eat together with the East Dulwich locals, and the food’s ingredients are all from their local farm in Kent.

Best Steaks in London and other Restaurants for Meat Lovers

  • Smith and Wollensky is a popular American steakhouse that uses USDA prime steaks.
  • Wanting to devour the best Sunday Roast in the city of London? Hawksmoor Seven Dials is the perfect destination for you.
  • The Quality Chop House features the best Victorian decor of all restaurants in the city. They also serve the best British meat that you can devour while in the area.
  • If you want to taste excellent steaks while admiring the beauty and the view of the Parliament across the river, then Gillray’s is the best place for you to visit.
  • John is a steak restaurant popular with its “Nose to Tail” eating.

Best Restaurants in London for International Cuisine

  • Spend some time in Som Saa to discover and eat regional dishes in Thailand.
  • Babur is an old-school restaurant in East London that has been serving Indian dishes more than 30 years ago.
  • Momo is a popular eatery featuring Moroccan dishes.
  • If you are looking for Middle Eastern food, then Honey and Co is the perfect destination for you.

And now for the Dessert

  • Basement Sate offers the best decadent dessert that is paired with a specially selected cocktail that can only be found in this part of the city.

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