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Best Restaurant Review Apps Every Foodie Should Download

Restaurant Review Apps

If you’re the type who loves eating whenever you are, the vast number of choices can make you feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, there are now tons of food blogs you can visit for reference, as well as restaurant review apps you can check, some of which are as follows:

Restaurant Finder

This is an app that will let you locate all the restaurants that are within your location. The app also has the option to search using a zip code. The search results will let you see lots of information including restaurant reviews, opening and closing schedules, and other bits of information.


Yelp is a popular business directory service and a great source of review for just about any establishment. In fact, its mobile application revolves around its review feature which foodies can use to look for the best restaurants available.

Zomato – Food Menu and Reviews

This is a mobile app that is especially dedicated to all foodies out there. The application will allow you to search for a particular restaurant, look for reviews, and make a call from within the app.

Urbanspoon Restaurant Reviews

According to food fanatics, this app is slowly gaining its popularity as one of the top restaurant review/finding apps available right now. This app will let you search for a particular restaurant and break them down to different categories. Another feature of this app is the ability to let you add restaurants in your wishlist.


Aside from searching for the best hotels, this popular app will also let you find the best restaurants available in a specific area. This app can be used while you are on holiday or vacation. You can also find restaurant reviews and other information pertaining to a particular restaurant or eatery.

Place Finder

This is the simplest app in terms of design. Its best feature is the ability to quickly search for the best places to eat nearby. The app might have a simple interface, but it is capable enough to provide the quickest solution in finding the nearest restaurants in your area.

Fast Food Locator/Finder

Same as Place Finder, this app does not have other features as it directly searches for the nearest restaurant in your location. This could be ideal if you want a no-frills restaurant finding solution.


This app offers different services compared to other regular applications. Foodspotting focuses on local dishes as it searches for the best restaurants that specialize in local dishes within your area.


This is a popular app that can also be used for food delivery and takeout. It also features descriptions of different places to eat nearby, restaurant reviews, as well as schedules.


Finding the best restaurants can be tricky, but with the mobile apps listed above, you will be able to locate the best place to eat nearby. Alternatively, you can also use various restaurant review websites online as reference. As long as they’re hosted by a reliable web hosting service, you should be able to rely on their information at all times.

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