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Recommended Websites to Use to Find the Best London Restaurants

London Restaurants

London is indeed a melting pot for various food cultures. Besides having many website hay, some of the Chinese restaurants as one of its best apart from traditional English cuisine, there is still a lot that the town has to offer.

If you are a traveller or someone that is just curious to find the best and worthy restaurants, you do not need to go out and find one yourself anymore.

In this modern age, there are tons of website that you can visit to find the one that will suit your taste, whatever kind of cuisine it is that you would like. In this article, we have listed some of the recommended websites to check if you are interested to find the best London restaurants.

Since 1998, Opentable has committed itself as a company to help restaurants thrive as a business. By promoting some of London’s best restaurants and specialty dishes through their website, they help people get to know diverse food options and explore more restaurants within the vicinity.

Besides operating in the United Kingdom, they also have international offices in Asia, Australia, and the United States. This is a go-to website if you want to book online and see honest reviews from the locals. Also, the site has an option to click if you want to check each restaurant’s recommended dishes.

The Nudge is not only a website that suggests great restaurants in the neighbourhood, but it is also a city guide for those who want to make the most out of their visit and stay in London. Recently, they offered a membership program where members get to grab exclusive perks such as free drinks and dining experiences.

In their recent article about suggested London restaurants, they have certain standards that each restaurant has to achieve before getting on their list. This includes things like having a good overall ambience, and of course, serving delicious food.

Almost the same as Opentable, this site prides itself in offering their site visitors a chance to explore Michelin-star restaurants in London as well as get to know celebrity chefs. This is the best site to see if you are keen to book and experience dining in multi-awarded and exquisite restaurants.

Additionally, if you are looking for restaurants that are well-known but are hard to get a booking in, this website will help you with that as they have partnered with a lot of restaurants within London.

The website aims to be the most trusted guide to outstanding restaurants in the United Kingdom. Every year, they seek reviews from real restaurant-goers and rank restaurants from best to worst according to how budget-friendly they and how delicious their foods are.

By doing surveys and asking people who have experienced dining in some of the London’s best restaurants or suggesting what restaurant to look forward to next, they are able to host an annual London Restaurant Awards to recognize up-and-coming restaurants as well as the most notable ones.


Planning for a gourmet adventure in London? If so, checking out these websites prior to travelling will surely be of great help.

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