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The Best Restaurants in London with Live Music

Restaurants in London

Do you love eating? There are lots of food hubs in London. Do you love listening to live music? There are also a lot of music halls in and around London. But what if you wanted to have both in one place? As per the experts from TL Dev Tech, you are not about to bring your earphones (or portable speakers) with your favorite music at a grandiose restaurant. Here is something better and more awesome for you.

If you are looking for a chill restaurant with the appropriate music that would fit your mood, then you could be looking for the best places near your area in London. Also, if you would want to bring your date with you, then everything would be spectacular with a savory meal and romantic live music.

So, where can you go to London to eat your mouth-watering foods and have an eargasm of music? Read on for some ideas!

Sketch in Mayfair

If you are looking for an elegant themed restaurant, then you can directly check out Sketch in Mayfair. Your date would definitely love it here because the music is right into the vibes while the food is also savory.

When you try this place, you need to know that the live music plays every day but during afternoon tea only. This is best if you want to catch a movie after or do something else for the rest of the day! Apparently, this can be better (and more romantic) than having your portable speakers while exploring the city.

Brasserie Zedel in Piccadilly Circus

Are you in the mood for Parisian folk music? How about vintage tango? If so, then you might want to consider trying out the Brasserie Zedel in Piccadilly Circus. Aside from the fact that they serve overly satisfying foods here, you will also have a great time listening to live music. You may have your high-tech and newly-released edition of portable speakers, but really, nothing beats live music with the right ambience in a restaurant!

Dirty Bones in Kensington

Would rather have some kind of an easy night with your date? Easy means chill and not so formal. These days, people can be uptight when it comes to eating out that they may shy away from getting to know each other. But in this restaurant, you and your date will definitely be at ease!

This place has a good ambience, and it would feel like you are going back to the times when everything and everyone doesn’t seem to be too busy. Dirty Bones restaurant has some pinball machine and even a photo booth for everybody’s enjoyment. They play classic funk, soul, and R’n’B even. You can just be yourselves in here. Well, this restaurant can absolutely defeat your portable speakers when it comes to entertainment!

These are only some of the suggestions of restaurants in London that could satisfy your cravings, both in your stomach and in your ears. You need only to remember which one you would try first.

And that, folks, could be the hard part. But, if you want to be consoled, it would be best to know that each one of these restaurants can offer you great services for your own satisfaction.

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