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CBD: The Missing Ingredient In Your Cuisine


It is important to have a healthy diet: kale salads, green smoothies, and many more. Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet is needed for the body to function optimally. There is a new ingredient for a healthy diet: reviews of CBD products or CBD.

Perhaps, you may want to consider adding drops of CBD oil to your next dish.

CBD has quickly gained popularity due to its long list of medical benefits. It is derived from cannabis but is a non-psychoactive compound.

Despite its benefits, CBD’s popularity is a little muted due to its source being cannabis.

However, there are many more people who do not mind that.

CBD has strong anti-inflammatory properties, enhances sexual pleasure, increases productivity, reduces and anxiety and insomnia symptoms from some patients.

Restaurants Have Begun Adding CBD Ingredient To Meals

The idea of CBD being incorporated into diets and into drinks is the most current development. Clancy, a herbalist, CBD ambassador and horticulturist working for The Alchemist’s Kitchen located in NYC, expressed that with the evidential results of  the research concerning THC (the psychoactive component in cannabis) and CBD showing the efficacy of these compounds in alleviating cancer and autoimmune diseases, people are beginning to pay closer attention to them.

California has legalized cannabis. Top Chef Mistry cooked dinner in Navi Kitchen, in California,  with all four courses containing CBD.

Spring restaurant in LA added dishes to their menu that with CBD as an added ingredient in soups, quinoa, panna cottas, and coulis.

Chef Gonzales, founder of Lalito Restaurant in NYC expressed that he enjoys experimenting with CBD in his meals because it has a dank flavor. He has cooked many dinners for Gossamer, a magazine that promotes cannabis culture.

The Lalito Restaurant is a health-based restaurant that serves unique vegetables (including moringa) and healthy, well-balanced meals.

Chef Gonzales compares the taste of CBD to marijuana – fragrant, spicy, sweet, bitter and grassy.

He explained that his interest in CBD when he discovered that it could reduce insomnia, which he struggled with. He attests that it had a calming effect on his body, enabling him to relax. He was able to sleep peacefully, and wake up feeling fresh and invigorated. He claims that due to his highly stressful life, this is important to him.

Inday is an Indian-inspired restaurant with three branches located in Manhattan. Soon, its customers will be given the option to add CBD-infused ghee to any dish on the menu. The director of culinary affairs, Borkar, expressed that they desire to make it accessible to all customers. Ghee and CBD together create a balance in the flavors, and CBD provides an obvious calming effect.

What Do Chefs Think About CBD?

Clancy pointed out the fact that CBD is not a sedative. It’s calming effect works by enhancing the effects of the parasympathetic system.

Borkar is of the opinion that calmness in itself is high in life.

Gonzalez’s views are that beyond CBD’s medical benefits, its taste is an attractive property that will drive more people to use it. He explains that it increases the palate, and because of its unique taste, future possibilities of using CBD as an ingredient are broad.

So watch out, CBD-infused menus may be coming to a restaurant near you!

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