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Getting the Best Keywords for Restaurants the Fastest Way


When you are publishing your restaurant blogs  and vlogs for amazon commission, the first thing you want to happen is to drive traffic to it. This means you want to let your customers, patrons, and potential clients see what you are currently offering in your menu, the events your food venue will be hosting, and other things you want to promote in your restaurant. The first thing any blogger would have in mind to drive traffic is keyword research and SEO.

Keeping Keyword Research Short

We all know what SEOs and keyword researching do to any websites. It brings them to whatever spot in the search results when a user searches for a specific word or phrase. Restaurant blogs are usually staple posts featuring lists of food, events, and other things that they wish to present to the online public. Plus, you also want your customers to easily locate you using a restaurant directory service or even a regular mapping service like Google Maps.

Chances are many restaurants are posting the same type of posts and this generates a high competition when it comes to ranking up in search results anywhere on the Internet. But if you focus on the very nature and service your restaurant does, you will be able to narrow down the competition and rank higher. The fastest way to do it is to use AdWords.

How to Use AdWords

The core function of this online service is to narrow down the ranking competition by focusing on the keyword that is closest to what your restaurant is all about. For example, pasta does not correlate to your business directly as it can lead up to search suggestions like pasta recipe and pasta delivery near me.

For AdWords to work, you will type your restaurant name and everything that is requested on the form. Once you’re done, hit on “Generate Campaign”. You will receive keyword strings that are already pre-grouped by ad groups. You can use the suggested keywords in your blog so it becomes automatically detected by Google to be the closest any searchers would want to see on the search results.

Anything else other than AdWords?

You can use other famous keyword inserts on your restaurant name, cuisine, and location. All you need is to insert your brand name on all services you typed on the blog, add takeaway or delivery, and even put in your own location or a branch location. This way, those who are searching for restaurants using these commonly-used search strings would pull up your restaurant alongside all PPC and organic lists on the search results.


If you want more directional keyword research, do me a favor to use AdWords Generator for faster keyword research for your restaurant’s website or blog. If you know what you are doing with listing all possible keywords that will rank you up on Google, or any search engine, you can try using the keywords I have placed in bold and add your restaurant name to it.

Using SEO and keyword researching helps every restaurant content moderators and bloggers bring traffic to their posts and websites and eventually gain more customers. Advertising has truly evolved from being physical to virtual and it continues to drive the public to take advantage of all the services any restaurant offers, and that should include your restaurant too. Good luck on your next restaurant post.

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