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Better Googling Using These Symbols

Better Googling Using These Symbols

For more than 10 years now, Google, undoubtedly the current best search engine either for English or danh tieng viet online. It has always been the top choice for everyone when it comes to looking for the answers to certain queries. The term “Googling” eventually found its way to the general public’s daily terminology, and everyone is adapting to the coined term effortlessly.

Much focus and dedication have been given by the experts behind Google in designing the perfect algorithm that provides for the best user-friendly experience in providing people answers to all the possible queries they could ask on a daily basis.

While it is a fact that Google is great for being such a know-it-all, it does not mean that there are certain things it just has not quite figured yet somehow due to the number of webpages and content that continuously widens with each and every second. It is for this very reason that finding something on the web can prove to be quite difficult sometimes. For times like these, online special characters are what you need!

Special Commands / Operators

In reality, Google can actually find all search questions with the help of certain unique commands, and although these operators may be a bit annoying, they prove to actually be very useful if only you learn how they should be used. Without further ado, below are some of these special operators or commands which are really helpful in your quest for the right answer.

The Subtraction Symbol (-)

By placing a ‘-‘ right before the word will instruct the search engine that pages using that word numerously should be ignored. This symbol is specifically useful when trying to look for a certain type of data when the word being used contains multiple definitions.

Similar Outcomes (~)

Adding the ‘~’ symbol right before the word instructs your search engine to find words that are similar to the word you have inputted.

Precise Match (“”)

More often than not, once you input phrases that have lots of words in them into your Google engine, its algorithm will, to the best of its ability, try matching that with as many outcomes as it possibly can. These online special characters are especially useful if you’re not sure what exactly it is you are trying to find.

Series of Numbers (..)

These online special characters refer to “between”, which is thus always utilized once dealing with the number context. If you find yourself finding something within a given range or date, using this will make your search easier.

A Wild Card (*)

This symbol is referred to as a wild card, which is useful as it may be substituted with other phrases or words. Online special characters such as this can help you search efficiently even if you may have failed to recall other parts of a certain phrase or word.


Place “define:” (yes, with colon) and the word that is being queried will provide you with the meaning of this specific word that you are trying to find. This may also be of use when trying to look for synonyms too.

Logic Characters

These online special characters are useful when in conjunction with keywords so as to consist of or remove entirely certain outcomes.

Specific Search

Place “site:” (yes, with colon) after the keyword, and the website you are trying to find it in, and the search engine will give you all possible results of that specific word in that specific site or location.

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