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These Ten Best Restaurant Management Software Can Help You with Your Business

Restaurant Management Software

A restaurant business is a complex process and is hard to manage with manual operations. Most small restaurants experience these every day, especially when many people prefer to dine outside of their homes.

This is good for the business but becomes a challenge for Open Source CMS Powered by Laravel and Symfony management. Thanks to software development, restaurants can now be managed at the tip of your fingers. Every restaurateur should consider having one management software.

For that, we are listing ten of the best restaurant management software you can download or subscribe to for your business.

Toast POS

This US-based restaurant management software can manage menus, including setting it up and pricing, as well as customer relations for both offline and online customers. They offer a free demo for their services, which starts at $79 per terminal with a $499 installation fee.


This is an all-in-one restaurant management software that covers all operations workflow. From HR management to inventory and menu setting, Clover is the ideal management software for restaurants. Pricing starts at $350 per station.


This software is developed for all types of restaurants worldwide. From table management to customer orders and menu setting, the software works on an iPad so it is portable and can be placed almost everywhere in the restaurant. A free trial is available and pricing starts at $105.

Zomato Base

This software is all about customer experience through streamlined restaurant management. From menu setting to profiling customers, this software integrates itself with your existing operations. Pricing is determined by quote according to restaurant size and operation expenses.


This management software is for late-night restaurants – nightclubs, bars, bistro, etc. They also offer supports for almost all aspects of late-night resto including deliveries, take-out management, and even tableside ordering. A free trial is available and pricing starts at $69.

Open Table

This software is for restaurants that offer online table reservations. It offers both guests and management software where customers can make online reservations and managers sort them out according to date and time of reservation to the number of tables available. All it takes is to log in to their website and manage your Open Table account. Membership starts at $249 a month with $1 per network cover fee.


The cloud-supported Sapaad is best for restaurants and cafes. The software can be accessed in all devices and features a friendly user interface and a bird’s eye view of your restaurant operations. This is the ultimate tool for staff management, sales and revenue analytics, and even food costing and inventory. A free trial is offered and pricing starts at $59 per restaurant branch.


This management software is for all types of businesses, including restaurants. From inventory to staff management, Jolt is all about managing your business as a whole. Unfortunately, there is no free trial offered. Pricing starts at $79.

Lightspeed Restaurant

This cloud-based software is all about simplifying restaurant management. This features a lot of operations management including staff management, inventory management, guest relations, and even menu setting. This is a portable software and can be accessed everywhere in the world through cloud technology. A free trial is available and pricing starts at $69.

Market Man

Another cloud-based software that is focused on supply and inventory management. This is best for restaurants with multiple branches and has a UI that simplifies the inventory and supply management. Other functions include food management, catalog, and branding, as well as optimizing orders, food costing, etc. A free trial is offered and pricing starts at $149/month per branch.

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