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Latest Gadgets That Restaurants Should Have

Gadgets That Restaurants

Like any other industry, business like Digi Arch and restaurants also need to make use of the latest gadgets that can make their services and products become more effective, needed, and wanted by their customers. If you are a restaurant owner, it is better to keep your knowledge updated with the latest technologies that you might need in your business to become more appealing and efficient for your clients. Reviewing gadgets should be a habit as they can be a big help to your restaurant.

That said, here are some of the latest gadgets you want to have in your business:

The Nitropress

This gadget is perfect for restaurants and coffee shops as it made to dispense nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee and other coffee-based cocktails. This can serve from two to four coffees or cocktails.

Barsys Cocktail Machine

This is what every bartender needs. It is a fully automated machine that can create cocktails and dispense completely finished drinks at a lot faster rate.

Moreno Star- 90

This is an induction technology stove that assures accuracy in heat and temperature. It offers six different power settings so that heat can be just right for every dish to be cooked. Best of all, this induction stove is not too expensive.

Customer Call IQ

This is the ultimate gadget for restaurants as it makes communication among customers, staff, and kitchen crews easier. It creates an instant connection with just a push of a button. It works like a pager or an intercom where customers can easily relay their needs to the staff.

BGTS1 glass to sand reduction unit

From the name itself, it literally makes glasses and bottles into refined sand particles. This gadget helps get rid of the bulky wastes as the bottles and glasses are already in sand composition. This reduces waste amount and collection while improving valuable storage spaces.

Indigo NXT

Restaurants are always in need of ice, and this ice machine can create ice cubes really fast. You no longer have to wait for your freezer to solidify the water for ice. With this machine, you will have a continuous supply of ice for your restaurant.

Carpigiani Freeze&Go

For restaurants that serve gelato and sorbet, this is the best gadget to have. It makes the production of the said products faster and easier. You don’t have to go through the tedious steps just to serve it to your customers as this will make serving gelato and sorbet a lot faster.

Hobart Undercounter machines

This is your ultimate undercounter manager that monitors the overall condition and status of your undercounter like the detergent level and water supply.

Smart Oil Management

This gadget will relieve your staff from handling oil. It will fill and empty fryers whenever needed. With this, oil management can be done with just a push of a button.

F900 Flexi Pan

This gadget provides you with everything you need from a pan. It can griddle, fry, boil, stew, and many others. It is basically your automated kitchen assistant when it comes to cooking.

Sauce Bottlewarmerstar-90

This gadget keeps sauce bottles in perfect temperature so that its quality will not deteriorate once served. It keeps the sauces in perfect condition all the time.

Pacojet 2 Plus

This is your assistant knife that can take care of all the chopping, slicing, grating, and others.  Aside from the cutter, you also get a whipping disc that can help you create ice cream in an instant.

Hamilton Beach Commercial Quantum 950

This is a quiet smart blender that you can use on just about any product. This will create smooth blends in a faster manner.

Having these latest gadgets will make your restaurant provide faster and more efficient services to your customers. With these, you can make your customers happy and pleased and your staff comfortable and relaxed while working.

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