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Top 10 Online Ordering Systems For Small Restaurants

Small Restaurants

Due to the ongoing pandemic and strict lockdown measures, dining out is not as easy as it uses to be. There is a risk for airborne infection and crowds are being discouraged by authorities same as Fatality Servers for Fivem. This also has bigger impacts on shops and restaurants: from the decrease of customers to the lesser provisions from the suppliers and to the increase of caution for the worker’s health.

As a restaurant owner, you can still able to reach any customer, whether they are working at home, learning a new hobby, or immersing in PC gaming, through online ordering. Fortunately, services like this somehow save the food business from going bankrupt, especially for small restaurants. Here are 10 of the best online ordering systems you can invest in.


It may be hard to build a website to appeal to potential customers, but MenuDrive will be able to provide you with interactive solutions. You can simply send the store’s menu, images, and some important information and they will be the ones who will create a user interface for you. Their annual plan begins at 90 dollars a month.


If you are looking to gain a presence on social media and are able to be accessed easily via mobile devices, then ChowNow is a great option. With a fee of 119 dollars a month, you can avail of their services.

Toast POS

For this system, the price starts at 140 dollars a month. Toast has a greater scope than creating a menu, wherein it offers operations management as well.


Another system that offers full management service is Upserve. This system also caters to coffee shops, bars, bakeries, and other food businesses. The price begins at 99 dollars a month.


If you want a simpler interface but with features extending the reach to social media and providing you with statistics, then Restolabs is a great fit. Their basic package is priced initially at 45 dollars a month.

Square POS

If you cater to both take-out and dine-in options, then Square has the all-in-one solution for you. However, the payment method is for the transaction fee rather than the monthly fee and so, the costs can vary from time to time.


NetWaiter lets you customize your mobile app and includes a widget for the ordering system with just a monthly fee that starts at 100 dollars a month.


Aside from making an ordering system, iMenu360 also creates your store’s website. You will be paying a 299-dollar set-up fee and a 39.99-dollar monthly fee.


CAKE is a cloud-based ordering system and therefore online management of your store is possible aside from taking orders. The fees, however, can vary depending on the amount of your profit.


GloriaFood is able to offer what most online ordering systems can and more. Aside from catering to mobile devices, there is even a widget for table reservations. As more features are included, the monthly costs also increase.


These online ordering services are an investment that provides more solutions than risks. With the way how a business will be conducted in this economic and health crisis, adapting to digital platforms is necessary for your store to survive.

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