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This is The Story of my Way to Stop Smoking Long Enough And Heavy Enough Success But Please Try … I Started Smoking When Three High School Classes

Stop Smoking Long

This is the story of my way to stop smoking with the best vape juice long enough and heavy enough success but please try …

I started smoking when three high school classes
over. Smoking for me is a thrill in itself, is considered slang,
feel pleasure, a man considered to be genuine, and have a class
different economies, even though it was, to buy cigarettes, his money
should ask the parents. Until finally, I went to college and

However, after tasting hard and happy (although many hard)
looking for money, I tried to calculate the income and expenditure. Nearly 32
percent, my income goes to buy cigarettes, beat
percentage of purchase nutritious food, medical expenses, costs
courtship, and other costs to make ends meet. Yes, cigarettes
occupies the highest percentage.
As a journalist, smoking is very helpful during the process of journalism
(Typing news, etc.), because it can make the text more readable.
Although many of my friend is not as ngerokok, writing more
And several seminars, trainings and workshops,
about the dangers merokokpun just seemed like a cold.
However, the last workshop I attended, on tobacco control
in Jakarta, has hit me both physically and mental.
Complex issues about the vicious circle of tobacco, ranging from farmers
(Original) tobacco, farmers (fake) tobacco, tobacco industry, the owner
shares of the tobacco industry, active smokers, passive smokers, cigarette sellers,
children, parents, environment, government, including the media, and other
etc., has been unmasked, how we are against him smoking.

Who would pay the cigarette tax? Smokers khan …
Who would benefit? CIGARETTE INDUSTRY, GOVERNMENT (because many
of corruption …)
Only in the Waterford area farmer who successfully grow tobacco,
outside the area, claimed loss. (Demographic Institute survey
University of Indonesia).

Now I’ve quit smoking!

About prescription how to quit smoking was somewhat sult, first I was trying to reduce the 2 packs per day I started to try out in one month to one pack a day later I tried the two bull every day I get just half a pack and then I try in every 3 months just three cigarettes a day ie morning and afternoon each day of the rod and after a successful three bars I try in 2 weeks every morning I eat candy cigarette substitute and finally could not smoke in the morning I was just 2 sticks setiaap day and now I start again with eat sweets during the day when pingin cigarette and it worked finally I tried the night is usually good for a smoke I also try to eat more sweets that taste good and I make it a habit every night for 1 month and finally has become an addiction, but have forgotten the delicious candy cigarettes. which is also the driving I do not smoke on the influence of my children and my wife who always reminded every day of the dangers of cigarettes and always throw my cigarette inventory didumah so depressed me too well to be forced to stop his own mental

let’s stop smoking I’m sure you certainly can if you really really can surely .. believe me!

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