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SMS Marketing Hacks for Restaurants

SMS Marketing

Nowadays, it is very obvious that consumers are getting smart in using their mobile phones. If mobile phones are only for the sake of text/SMS messages and phone calls before, today, it is now being used as IVR, somehow, like a “personal assistant”.

Today, using our phones to search for places, watch movies, and order food is easier and instant. Indeed, technology is getting really helpful in every aspect of our lives. Almost anything that we need every day can be found in just one tap or a single search on the browser.

Because of this, many have been using technology to maximize everything, and this includes optimizing businesses. Local businesses should also be smart just like how their consumers develop and find convenient methods using their phones. According to the statistics presented by SinglePlatform, 81% of the consumers rely on and ask for recommendations on their mobile phones via applications. These consumers tend to look up for a place to go for foods or foods to eat through their mobile phones, so it’s truly beneficial when businesses take advantage of this.

For those who are interested on how to use SMS to boost their business, below are 3 simple yet effective tips on SMS marketing:

Give your consumers an option of receiving texts from your business

Sometimes, a lot of advertisements pop on our mobile phones out of the blue. It can be found as annoying. So, as a hack for every business, do not forget to give your consumers an option to select what kind of notifications or type of subscription they want. Just ask for permission; it’s as easy as that.

Take note of the number and codes that will be used in your SMS marketing. Shortcodes and short numbers are always better!

Provide effective short calls to action which are hassle-free

If the direction in your SMS advertisement is not complete, then let go if this method. Calls to action are better and must be included in your marketing strategy so that you can inform your consumers about the steps they need to do.

If your consumers found your offer interesting and favorable, then they will probably avail your service. Note that your instructions or calls to action must be short and concise so that your customers won’t get intimidated!

  • Here are some examples of CTAs:
  • “Visit our shop today at…”
  • “Send this code for….”
  • “Use this code for a discount…”
  • “Check our page on…”
  • “Follow us on…”
  • “Order now…”

Use the right emotions of your consumers

Various studies present that consumers rely on their emotions before they avail any kind of services. Know that consumers buy because they believe that the products will make them feel better.

Know and apply this in your SMS marketing strategy. How? You may simply use emojis to stimulate your consumers’ desires and needs – it works like magic.

Make your consumers feel special

If your products or offers are special, then make your consumers feel special too. Use words to evoke your consumers’ emotion through these simple words:

  • “Exclusive”
  • “Easy”
  • “VIP”

Remember that as a form of advertisement evolves, effective and hassle-free marketing strategies should be observed as well. So, what are you waiting now? Try these SMS marketing hacks to boost the number of your consumers; you’ll surely see a difference.

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