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Apps You Can Download Before You Travel to London

Travel to London

London is a beautiful city filled with pleasant parks, museums, palaces, and pubs. If you plan on visiting this place but you don’t know where to start, London has several apps and web services to guide you. These apps are designed by the developers at Webology and can help you navigate and show you the best museums, food spots, and other sights. Here are a few of the best ones.

Visit London

Planning your trip can be made simple through the Visit London app – the official guide to the city. The app features information on landmarks, attractions, transportation, and eateries. It also includes insider tips, hidden gems, and suggested itineraries made by experts. It also features a GPS, so you know what’s going on in the areas you are planning to visit. One of the best things about this app is that you can use it offline. All you have to do is save the info you will use. It also provides booking services and deals.


If you have a bad sense of direction, the citymapper app will be your lifesaver. It combines London’s entire transport options in one map, so you can compare all their prices and travel time. The modes of transport even include cycling, Uber, and walking. Citymapper also shows you real-time disruptions and departures, so you won’t be surprised by traffic jams, roadworks, maintenance work, or other fortuitous events.

Station Master

Station Master gives you a lot of fun and useful facts about all the stations in the city. The stations are shown in 3D, so you can easily see the exits, corridors, and passageways. It also shows you where the fastest exist is from your point of location. Station Master even provides accessibility information such as elevators, step count, and even the gap between the platform and train.

Natural History Museum

If you plan on visiting the National History Museum, the place provides its own visitor app. This app will give you a guided walk through the entire museum, with behind-the-scenes information narrated by Sir David Attenborough. It also helps you get tickets to the museum and stay updated on new events and exhibits.

Hidden London

If you’ve been to London quite a number of times and you want to explore a different side of the city, this app is something you must get. It provides information on overlooked and unknown places such as the stone chamber under Fleet Street, the Roman thermal baths in Central London, and the place where the first English dictionary was made.

British St.Food

London has several popular spots for street food lovers. The city has a number of trestle tables, markets, and food trucks. British St.Food is an app that can help you get to all these food spots. The app is run by street food connoisseur Richard Johnson, who also founded the British Street Food Awards. The app will show you the location of each eatery and the products they are selling through a map powered by GPS. The information is constantly updated by the sellers themselves. It also showcases daily offers and specials, and users can upload their reviews and photos too.

When in London, try the suggested apps above. With these, it will make your London getaway more engaging and unforgettable.

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