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Fusion Restaurants In London That You Should Try

Fusion Restaurants In London

Have you ever been in love with travelling? One of the greatest places in the world is the great city of London in England. It is well known for the custom controller and Royal family, elegance.

Visiting a place wouldn’t be complete without visiting fusion restaurants. These are restaurants that have come across the borders of cookery, culture, countries and even religion.

These restaurants differ from one to another. Upon visiting London, you might want to look at this list of Fusion Restaurants In London That You Should Try.

The Petite Coree

This Korean Restaurant located in the heart of London has been offering good food for more than 6 years today. This is a family business headed from generations to another. They started as a small snack bar in Gangnam and has now become one of the most famous fusion restaurants in  West Hampstead. Their price starts at 42 euros and you may already have yourself famous Korean dishes such as Dakbal, Jajjangmyun, and Fish cakes.

The Good Egg

This place is known for its welcoming staff and friendly ambiance. Also, it is in a very convenient location—Stoke Newington. They feature Israeli cuisine.

Romulo Café

Kensington is a place known for good food. A few years ago, A Filipino Fusion Restaurant was built in this location and has been profiting millions of pesos since; the Romulo Cafe. Famous Filipino food offered by these restaurants are Adobo, Sinigang, Paksiw and Kare-kare. There are a very few Filipino restaurants in the U.K. and this Cafe has stood proudly and become the most visited Filipino restaurant in London.

Bistro Mirey

This Fusion restaurant in Fulham is applauded for its creative fusion of Japanese and French Cuisine (there is nothing like it in the world!). Thanks to the friendship of its two head chefs—Gerald Mirey and Ko Ito. They managed to introduce Japanese famous foods such as Sushi, Takoyaki and Noodles with the touch of French taste such as buttered onion, pasta dishes, and appetizing soups.


This restaurant features world cuisine and aesthetic artistry. Chefs and Artists from different races get to collaborate in the making of every new dish. This restaurant has been gaining international awards for being the best fusion restaurant there is. The staff are being applauded for maintaining the culture and authenticity of cuisines all over the world.

These Fusion restaurants have been the inspiration of gaming mods for gaming engines such as ‘Dave’s The Sims 4: Asian Fusion Restaurant’, ‘Restaurant Paradise’ and ‘Cook with Kelly’.Gaming mods in these basic restaurant engines include new plot twists to the storytelling and new levels of challenges. These gaming mods are actually quite educational most especially for young gamers.

Going back to visiting London, the aforementioned Fusion Restaurants are chosen based on their affordability, convenience and customer feedback. Try to visit these and suit yourself with food around the world while having your stay in the city of dreams—London.

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