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Tips to Make Food Photos Look Mouthwatering

Food Photos Look Mouthwatering

Food photography is very important. It’s a vital part of businesses, especially in the marketing sector. People feel encouraged to read more and try out some dishes with the way they look at menus, magazines, and websites.

This, therefore, is a huge factor in one’s business. That’s why some owners even hire professionals to do food photography for them, along with food design.

However, if you have some experience with cameras, you can just do it on your own. Just follow these tips to makes sure your dishes in the photos look as mouthwatering as they actually are.

Use Fresh Ingredients

Ingredients play a huge role in the result of a dish, even photography-wise. If your ingredients are old, both the taste and the look will suffer, and that is bad for business. The vegetables you use have to be as green as they can be, and the meat has to look healthy and safe to eat.  Avoid getting shots of ingredients that have discoloration or anything of the sort.

Use Natural Light

Do not underestimate the power of natural light. It has a different effect compared to light produced by bulbs and phones. Place the dish at a location where the rays of the sunshine, and make sure that some of these rays touch parts of the dish.

Don’t Overdo the Setting

Remember that the food is the focus, so you want to remove everything and anything that can serve as distractions in the photo. If it’s not essential, get rid of it. Sometimes, going simple is the best way to go.

Make Use of Raw Ingredients

Let the viewers get a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes by including raw ingredients in the photo with the actual dish. Of course, choose raw ingredients that help the dish look more mouthwatering.

Take A Shot While Cooking

Also, a big part of the behind-the-scenes is the cooking itself. Sometimes, showing the process is as inviting as the finished product. Try snapping photos while the soup is boiling, or even when the ingredients are being poured.

Use People

A touch of humanity is always good. Having people in the photo connects the food and humans. There’s no need to include full images of people in the photos; a hand on the table, a mouth that’s about to take a sip, or fingers holding on to the knife and fork would suffice.

Don’t Overcook

Especially if the dish has vegetables, be careful not to overcook it as it will show in photos. In fact, try snapping photos even before the dish is fully cooked to ensure a very vivid capture of the dish and its ingredients.

Keep It Clean

Smudges are not good. Yes, there are food photos that feature dripping ice cream and such, but that’s art, and smudges are not. So, keep the glasses, bowls, and plates spotless unless it really is part of the whole design.

Shoot From Different Angles

Do not just stick to the top, bottom, and side views. There are literally numerous angles for you to take from, so do not waste the chance to have the best take of the photo by missing shots from certain angles.

Use Oil

Oil is essential. Especially in meat photos, try dripping some oil onto some parts to make the photos look juicier.


Don’t be afraid to try taking food photos on your own. Digital photos produce better quality nowadays, and with the help of these tips, the chances of you ruining it are quite unlikely.

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