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The Ideal Phone Systems For Restaurants

Phone Systems For Restaurants

Phone tech and messaging for CRM systems applications in the restaurant business can cover numerous types of business operations. From multi-location franchises to small mom-and-pop setups, the phone system used by your restaurant will largely depend on the needs of that said restaurant. Business phone solutions should be a big part of any restaurant’s plans. Budget plays a role as well because the more specialized the equipment, the more you’ll spend on maintenance and professional services. Here is a list of phone systems that may suit your restaurant’s needs.

1.         VoIP Systems

Voice over Internet Protocol services, offered by companies the likes of BroadVoice and Vonage, allow for phone calls to make via the internet instead of the traditional telephone services. In a lot of cases, VoIP services usually cost way less than the more traditional telephone services. Not only that, but they can also cover both your business clients and home.

Like traditional phone services, however, how much it will cost will depend on the providers and services that are available in your location. Also, if internet connectivity is spotty or weak in the area, then your phone systems will have similar issues as well.

2. KSU Telephones

Key Service Unit, or KSU, phones are specialized phones that are often designed for business use only. All these phones must be professionally installed and are hard-wired into place. They operate using a centralized unit that’s often put in an out-of-the-way area of the restaurant, for example, a utility closet and the like. It’s then connected to the equipment of your phone service provider and then relayed to the outside world at large. These phone systems require specialist installation. They also need you to have a maintenance and service plan with a business that specializes in such.

3. Non-KSU Telephones

The telephones used at home are non-KSU. So is any other standard phone you can install in your home by yourself. If your restaurant is already has a telephone service wired and activated by the local telephone service company, you’re free to use the non-KSU phone of your choice. If your establishment isn’t too big, is on a budget and needs only five lines or less, then this is the type of phone system you should be considering. Adding separate lines at work is as similar to adding different lines at your house when using this system.

4. PBX Systems

Restaurants that are part of a franchise should consider the Private Branch System. Mainly if the franchises cover a significant location and you want to have a single unified network. PBX systems, like KSU, network all telephone lines together. It also must be both serviced and installed by a professional.


When choosing the right business phone solutions for your restaurant, your primary considerations should generally be what you’re able to spend and what the needs of your business are. If you opt for a PBX or KSU system, check with the phone equipment business if they have unique or lease financing plans available. If you can’t outright buy the equipment but need it, they may be an option to rent it. The bottom line, though, is it all depends on what the restaurant needs.

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