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Why Network Attached Storage (NAS) is Beneficial for Small Businesses and How to Set It Up

Network Attached Storage

Network attached storage (NAS) technology is gaining popularity in modern business. You can have a peek at this web-site to know that these storage devices have provided a new way of sharing files between two or more computers.

Small scale businesses are not able to afford the onsite IT support for data storage yet they also require to store crucial business data. Therefore, such businesses resort to NAS technology for their data storage needs. NAS has many benefits which include the following.

Benefits of NAS in business

  1. Affordability 

NAS affordably adds data storage capacity. Unlike other storage options which are only affordable by large multinational corporations, these storage devices are affordable to small business.

  1. Easy access 

Stored files can be easily accessed from any PC or Mac computer by using the existing network. You can connect your computer to the NAS servers using a USB cable. Therefore, it eliminates the need for having multiple hard drives. This technology also allows the sharing of USB printers across the network.

  1. Secure  

This technology offers a full-proof central back up for extra data protection. The data can be automated to enhance its security. With automatic and continuously backed up data, you are assured that your data is secure and safe at all times.

  1. Flexibility 

This storage method guarantees the flexibility of the data because it can be shared with customers, suppliers, and distributors. However, there should be a balance between the flexibility of the storage devices purchased and their quality.

How to set up NAS

Create a storage strategy based on a goal you have in mind before you purchase any NAS device. A long-term network strategy will help you spend less on a network as compared to firms with no network strategy.

Then assess the current situation in your business, including the company policy, access rates, and data protection needs. Then you can easily investigate so that you can avoid vendor lock-in.

Now you can have a NAS purchase based on the above considerations. The purchase should fit your business capacity and speed requirements. However, you should not overbuy the storage hardware because the traffic and speed on your local network can be limiting factors.

How to select a NAS

For a single office (SOHO) with a few computers, a wireless network, and a multifunction printer, select a product that will help you in backing up, accessing, and sharing files easily.

For workgroups, you can go for NAS boxes’ wider area connectivity so that you can centralize and consolidate your work. You can also create shared and private folders and only allocate space to users and folders that you have approved.

For a large office, you can purchase a product that is suitable as a backup device or for use as workgroup storage.

Final Thought

NAS technology is gaining popularity in modern businesses due to its many benefits. One major advantage of using NAS is its affordability even for small businesses. However, before you set up your own NAS, you should consider the tips discussed in the article.

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