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4 Must-Try Game-Centric Restaurants for your next hang out

Game-Centric Restaurants

We always want to make every outing with friends memorable and new. Sometimes, going to fortnite current item shop, bars and restaurants is just plain and conventional so we try to look for activities we haven’t done. We want to be in places we haven’t been to. Well, if that’s what you are craving for, then you definitely will appreciate the growing numbers of game-centric restaurants these days.

Game-centric cafes, bars, and restaurants allow you to play various games while enjoying the drinks and foods at the same time. It sure makes the typical get-together a lot more enjoyable. If you haven’t been into unique themed food chains like this, listed below are some recommendations you could try.

  1.   GameHaus Café

Location: Glendale, CA

This is quite a popular place in LA County. They do serve delightful sandwiches, pastries, and pizza. They also have assorted café drinks you can choose from. However, food is not the only thing that makes them popular. You should try playing with the board games at their café.

For only $5, you can already play these classic games: Monopoly, Risk, Carcassonne, and more, for as long as you want. And by “more,” I meant 900 more games to choose from while you are there.

  1.   Barcade

Location: Brooklyn, Jersey City, New York City, and Philadelphia

Right before Fortnite and other mainstream online games were introduced,  games like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and a few more arcade games won our hearts as kids. If you get to see these games now, you will immediately feel the nostalgia of a childhood well spent.

Say no more, Barcade has a collection of almost all the popular arcade games there were. You can now bet with your friends who get the highest score while feeding your stomach with some snacks all at once. Sounds fun, right?

  1.   Game X

Location: Atlanta, GA

Who says playing games is just for kids? Well, contrary to popular belief, adults can play games too. Grab some good beer or order some cocktails with a burger and some buffalo wings on the side as you play, and no one can tell you that it’s all for kids.

At Game X, you can play varied games on a 60-inch screen, imagine that! Playing the game is not the only fun part. You get to win prizes as you play too. You’ll definitely have a blast there.

  1.   16-Bit Bar

Location: Cleveland; Columbus, OH

Here’s a little 80’s era themed game-centric bar. You can play arcade games like Asteroids, Digdug, and more vintage games that you thought you could only love as a child. There’s no growing up when it comes to having fun. Another feature that was almost left out: they serve some flavorful booze.


There are still quite a lot of good restaurants that allow you to play games and yet not included in this list. Well, these are just some of the must-try recommendations, and if you enjoy it there, you can explore more of these places.

Sure, playing video games like Fortnite is fun and worthwhile, but wait till you experience these places’ versions of fun. You’ll never get enough.

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