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Ways to Make Menus for Your Restaurant’s TV Screen

Restaurant’s TV Screen

Are you thinking of ways to make your menu appear on your restaurant’s TV? Well, you are in the right place. Continue reading if you are confused on how to do a Onn TV review, or you do not have enough design sources.

Making a TV Menu for Your Cafe or Restaurant

Printed menus on restaurants function well most of the time. Nevertheless, with these changing times, you may want to opt for digital menus displayed in your cafe or restaurant.

Buying TVs for your restaurants allows you to change the content of your menu easily. You can add or delete a new food item conveniently. Depending on the customers you have, you can personalize the time of the day you want a particular menu to show. Therefore, you save money on giving out flyers. Your customers can also see their preferred menu all throughout the time that they are inside your restaurant. As a result, they may end up buying more.

Using a TV Screen

You can utilize design software such as Canva, Photoshop, or Indesign if you opt to make a menu or copy the printed menu you currently have. You can use these programs for making digital signage as well. You just need to make sure that you have accurate dimensions and sizes for the digital display screen. After that, you can download the file in jpeg, png, or PDF forms. Using a file uploader, you can transfer it to a signage software program.

Using Software for Making Digital Menus

You can use software to make your restaurants more easily when you do not want to go into many details of your menu or you may think you do not have enough skills in designing.

The advantage of using this kind of software is that it already has templates. Therefore, you just need to choose your layout for your digital menu. You can also easily alter the content of the screen.

You just need to access a program such as ScreenCLoud, to change the template or details that are up on the screen. Basically, the software shows the information you want in the most presentable manner. The screen layout also provides you the ease of editing it anytime you want. You can also personalize the colors based on your restaurant’s colors and theme.

Using Templates

Another great way to start designing your digital menu is by utilizing templates. It does not matter if you are working on the design alone or with other people. The templates work well because you can see the overall look of your menu such as the spacing on the screen.

If you have background knowledge of designing and like to make your own digital menu in a new way, there are several programs you can use such as Adobe illustrator. You can get the feeling of the software first by using their free trials. You can also go for Powerpoint, Google Slides, Inkscape, or Keynote.


In the end, whatever method you choose, creating digital menus for your restaurant is not difficult and takes only a little bit of research and time.

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